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I added a bottle of La Quatrième Ville AS to the drawer today. Blush

[Image: displayimage.php?imageid=54955]

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Yours looks a lot more organized than my favorite drawer(s). Don't you have a problem with everything sliding all over in the drawer when you open and close?

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nice looking equipment. Do you have favorites? If so, what?

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My drawer(s), cabinets, boxes should look half as organized. Rolleyes
Wonderful organization! Happy2
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(07-28-2016, 03:14 AM)Pete123 Wrote: nice looking equipment.  Do you have favorites?  If so, what?

These are my favorites:

Razor:  Rockwell 6S   (runner up - Gillette Slim)
Soap:  Nuavia     (runner up - MdC)
Blades: 7 O'clock Green Russian  (runner up - Astra SP)
Aftershaves: Crown Shaving Co. Tonic   (runner up - D.R. Harris Sandalwood)
Balms:  Nivea Sensitive (runner up - Chatillon Lux Salve)
Brush:  RR Plissoft Monster (runner up - RR Plissoft Disruptor)

Since I just started to shave with a DE razor (around four months ago, years of Mach3 before that) everything on the list is in flux.  

What are your favorites?

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Excellent den. Happy2

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