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Hello gents, I purchased a Mongoose two months ago and am really enjoying this razor. I've got a sampler pack of blades I'm using but it is a slower process to test blade to blade variability, and shave consistency when these SE blades last so much longer than DE blades (I'm getting 10-15 shaves per each instead of 3 w/ a DE blade). Those of you who have been shaving with a Mongoose, Cobra, etc for a while, would you mind sharing some of your wisdom? What are your favorite blades and why? I appreciate your thoughts.

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I use Kai Captain Mild, just my favorite and accomplishes the job irritation free.
I like the proguard a lot

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I've only used the Feather Pro, but I'm still on my first blade. It's got a long life, but doesn't shave as close as my favorite DEs. Next, I'm trying a Feather Pro Super.

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maybe SharpSpine will chime in.

this is a good thread for me as well as I hope to pick up the AlumiGoose 2 within the next few weeks here (if it's out by then).
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Kai Captain Titan Milds were terrible for me. They couldn't cut a thing.

I've never tried any of the guarded blades.

The Feather Professional blades have always performed the best for me. Nice & sharp without being too aggressive.

The Feather Super Pro blades are both thicker & longer. The extra length gives more blade exposure which leads to a more aggressive shave; more blade on the skin. More care is needed when using this blade but the results can be astounding.

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Feather Pro's for me

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Feather Pros for me too however I haven't tried the Kai's as the Feathers have always worked for me. I am close to running out of Feathers to I will try Kais next.

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I've been getting to know the Mongoose using Feather Pros. Still early days for me with this razor, and I'm not sold on it yet (though I could be). I don't find it as intuitive as others do, but I admit my shaves DID get better with it as I dialed in a super-light touch.
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I think that Feather Pro blades would be considered a safe bet for most guys. With that said, I prefer the Kai Captain Titan Mild blades in both my stainless steel Mongoose and my AlumiGoose. They provide a great shave for my beard/skin type and don't irritate my skin. I do tend to prefer razors that are mild to medium, thus the milder blades work better for me in the Mongoose. The two 'guard' blades (both Kai & Feather) also work pretty well for me. I have one Feather Super blade, but haven't tried it yet. At some point I will give it a go, but I'm epecting to find it too aggressive for my face.

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