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what's your favorite bay rum scented products out there?

I love the smell of Krampert's Finest AS. I haven't used his soap, but the AS is fantastic!

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Captain's Choice and Mike's Natural.
While I consider my nose well educated and have sniffed fragrance since I was 15 years old, Bay rum is still a challenge for me to enjoy.

I do like Barrister & Mann Bay Rum shaving soap, but not sniffed directly from the container, but while used during the shave, the scent is lovely.

Will says the scent should be clove-less, but I still get clove from it.

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark
The ones that are binned in my garbage. Tongue

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Bay Rum is simply not a scent I enjoy, for some reason. I know it is extremely popular so this is just me. Sad

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I like the traditional clove based bay rums very much in AS (CC CO9T is a favorite). But, for soaps, my favorite is Dr. Jon's Anne Bonney, which has a black tea curveball take on the bay rum style (worth trying for those who dislike clovey bay rum and good performing soap in my book).
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Bobby Mac
I just traded for a Bay Rum, Soap Commander. I like the scent, this being my first Bay Rum and have not shaved with it yet so we will see.

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Great combination. IMO
Captain's Choice for me.
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Cat o' nine tails from Captain's Choice is probably the only Bay Rum I don't hate. I'm not saying I really like the scent, but it's the first Bay Rum I have that I've used more than once. Love the warmth too. Not a sting or a burn so much as warmth. Feels great in the winter in my chilly basement bathroom.
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