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I finally got a chance to use the Fatip. Felt like months but it was only days. Loaded a Voskhod blade in her and lathered up a mountain of Cella with my Plisson. Preshave routine was splashing water on my face. It is hotter than hell's hinges where I live right now. No hot shower for me.

The shave was extremely smooth with no nicks or weepers. The Vos blade was not up to the task of cutting my trouble areas though. For the really tough hairs I grabbed my Slim with a Feather blade and buffed a little.

The handle of the Fatip is very small and may cause problems with my hands and arm. Although the deep lines make twist buffing a snap.

I loaded up a Feather into the Fatip for my next shave in two days.

I think it was a good $20 spent on the razor with 60 blades. I have never used the Super-Max nor the Permasharp blades that came with it.

On an aside, I could not feel the comb like I could with my Gillette New Short Comb.
That's an excellent price on a Fattip.  Aggressive razor that looks and feels like it's price point.  Won't win any beauty contest but it produces some darn good shaves.  Hope you enjoy it.

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