Hello all. Was generously pif'd a fatip lo storto open comb from our very own Dave in KY awhile back. While it's a great razor, it doesn't get used as much as it should. I would like to PIF it to another member along with some other surprise items from my den. Comment if you would like a chance and I'll use a random generator in a week or two to choose the winner. 

[Image: A0WbRg7.jpg]

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Mike Distress
New Jersey
I certainly don't need it, but I'm in. I have 1 Fatip and like it and have been curious about he OC Slant. Thanks!!!
integritas pietas fortitudinem
I've never used a Fatip but at times thought about trying one so I'd like to be put in the PIF as well. Thanks!
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Thanks for this PIF! Looks lovely, I'm in!

New Brunswick, Canada
Hmmm... I've never tried a slant.

I'm in.

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I'm in if its still open! great PIF
I'd love to be included in the drawing if it's still open. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
Yup, still open! Trying to get some more participants.

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I'll join in too. I've been curious about this razor. Smile

- Yohann

Gilbert, Az
I'm definitely in, if there's still time! Thanks!

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