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What are your thoughts on this open comb razor? never tried open comb but I think i may purchase a Fatip this weekend.

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They're okay but if you can get your hands on a Gillette NEW, either long or short comb, give that a go. I certainly get smoother more comfortable shaves from either of the NEWs than I do from my FaTip. As always, YMMV.

Philadelphia, PA
I thought the fatip was a very aggressive razor for me. I think I had the grande. I ended up selling it for that reason alone.
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Just happened to have revisited my Fatip Grande on my SOTD. For the cost of the Fatip, certainly no reason not to buy one. I'd second the position that a Gillette New gives a better shave. I'd also say that I prefer both the Gillette New and Muhle R41 to the Fatip razor.

Picolo and the Grande use the same head so you can always buy the Picolo if you just want to try one, although the Picolo handle is too dainty IMO.
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Thanks everyone. What about if i bought a Muhle R41 head alone, that would fit one of my Maggard handles right?
Yes, it would
Jay, owner of Delta Echo Razor Works.
I agree with the comments above. There is nothing wrong with the Fatip but the Gillette New OC is my preference. The Fatip is a more aggressive and I don't get any better shave.
I have a Fattip and the R41 in aggressiveness the Fattip is a grade below the r41 but it is still an aggressive razor,very aggressive. I love them both. I had the Fattip first loved the shaves and ordered the r41 later. I even ordered the Fattip grande because the handle was longer than the normal piccolo, which, has a very short and thin handle. After I got the grande I sold the piccolo, same razor but the grade handle is thicker and a tad longer. The Fattip heads don't like other razor handles so putting Fattip heads on other razors is difficult if not impossible in most cases. If I were you, I'd order the grande Fattip for the price you can't go wrong.

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I use the Piccolo, shaves aggressively, I will agree the shaves from Gillette New are more comfortable. The main issue I have that you have watch blade alignment, the blade needs some fangling to align it.
The Fatip stopped my search for the perfect razor FOR ME. It gives me a BBS shave in two passes, and it's all brass! I won't be purchasing another razor for a long time. FYI I have not tried a gillette new, but have heard great things. Just can't see my shave improving from the Fatip.

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