I have the Dr Bomber handle which is absolutely fine but before I sold my Ikon Bulldog handle I quite liked it with the Mongoose. Any suggestions for a handle that is shorter and lighter but not too light?
Custom made or more off the shelf?
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Either, I do like the Triad JH yourself and others have but I'm not averse to buying off the shelf either.

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Toby (aka Triad) isn't taking anymore custom orders at the moment. But I do know that he plans on making handles to sell. He may take on customs again at a later date though.

Otherwise I'd suggest some of the stainless handles you can find on razors like at Maggards. The MR5 is a popular one but it wasn't to my liking. I'm not a fan of scalloped out handles.

For the quality and price I will be keeping my eyes out for when there are Triad handles available for purchase.
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How do I get in touch or keep tabs on Toby's activity, although I'm not on Facebook or many forums besides here and TSR in the UK? There are some fine pieces of stainless steel handles being sold on ebay these days at Maggard type prices.

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How much did the Triad handles go for when he had stock? I'm assuming if he brings out production type handles they will be less expensive than his custom jobs?

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Hi Will, I have a Trio of Triads and there is some variance in pricing based on the materials used so Toby will typically set the price per unit, even if not custom.

He is most active posting over at TSN however I did drop him a note re: DFS- he is buried right now but you never know. Perhaps we will see him over here as well!

In the meantime there is a thread over there where he will post available handles. When he posts as available, which are not at set times, they go in minutes (mine were custom requests so have never bought "stock" postings).

You will occasionally see them in various BST threads but again they are in very high demand.

Regardless, I wish you luck in landing one or more as they are a treat to use and absolute quality.

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Thanks for the help, I'll keep my eye's and ears open.

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