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After almost 6 years the planets have truly aligned on this one my fellow shave cadets! Vloid has returned once more for a limited time, and with a vengeance!

First 50 Bundles Include A Collectible Limited Edition Holographic label! 
[Image: Er4PdHj.jpg]

Scent Profile: Warm, Barbershop Talc, Sweet (but more like fruit than candy sweet), Musky, Rich, Spicy and packed with mystery and depth! This is probably the perfect time of year to start wearing it if you were wondering...and especially sweater weather! Imagine stepping out the door of your favorite barbershop in the fall and stepping on a swirl of freshly fallen, autumn painted leaves! THAT, is VLOID!

For those of you who are new or maybe this is the first you have heard of this legendary Phoenix classic, it is our 2014 homage to the long time used and loved epic, Floid Amber! This is also another of our most requested reboots, especially from our European customers (they know). 

I cannot say for certain how long we will have this one available but we really wanted to make this one available again while we had the time. Truly, this is a must for every shave den! (Also, we finally built an entire collection around it for the hardcore fans!)

http://shor.by/ijSO  [Please Share!]

"Getting You In A Lather Since 2012, Phoenix Shaving!"

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