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I'm in the process of dialing in a 1912 brass 30's era Gem razor, but was interested in learning more about the Eveready Streamline razor.  Does anyone have any pix or could you provide me with a way of differentiating it from other Gem Razors, so I will be able to recognize one.  This is in preparation for my trip to the Shave Collectibles Meeting on Oct. 19, 2019 in West Chester, Ohio. Thanks in advance for any guidance and help you can provide.

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The Streamline may be the best looking razor of its kind, but maybe not the best shaver.  Here's what one looks like.
For shave quality, I like the 1912 Gem Junior best of all the Gem blade SE razors.  Better than The Streamline, but not as pretty.

[Image: BvKqwiS.jpg][Image: xJEaXhD.jpg]

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I like my streamline a lot. I haven't used Gem 1912 Junior before, but I will receive it on Friday. 
Looking forward to compare them.

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