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I wrote to Manuel at Eufros and asked him if he planned to make any more tobacco scented shaving soap. He replied:


The truth is that at the moment I have not found a smell of tobacco that I like. In a very short time I lost several emblematic soaps because of the impossibility of getting the essential oil that I used for a long time, and I have not found any substitutes yet.

I'll keep looking, but it's complicated. I will make some new scent, but it will be after summer.

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That is very unfortunate as his Tobacco-scented soap was superb.

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This is indeed sad news. Manuel’s Tobacco was my favorite Tobacco scented Soap. I’m thankful I’ve got a few tins set back.
That is too bad. One of the few soaps that I finished right to the last swipe.

I have quite a few Tobacco scents(as many of us do) but the Eufros was different...like Manuel threw in a swig of scotch before the batch set.

I have not come across a similar scent since.
Another example why Manuel's soaps are so amazing. He NEVER makes compromises to sell a soap. If any ingredient isn't up to his standards, he simply won't make the soap, no matter how much of it he could sell. That is the primary reason I will be a customer for life.

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Thanks for sharing the information, John churchilllafemme. I have never tried the Tobacco, but the ones I have tried have been something special, and it shows great integrity to not try to substitute something else for a product that people have come to know and love.
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