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EPIC Peppermint is Back!

First 50 Bundles Include Collectible Limited Edition Holographic Label!

Scent Profile: Powerful, minty-fresh, camphoraceous, cooling, distinctive and nostalgic.

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Epic Peppermint is just BURSTING with Energy! It's true folks, one whiff of this classic scent will have you ready to face the day with a smile or if you are a night shaver, send you off to a soothing slumber with visions of AWESOME dancing in your head.

It's no shocker why this scent is adored by everyone considering what a long relationship it has had with mankind. Peppermint was well known to the Egyptians, who dedicated mint to the god Horus. The Romans personified it as Minthe or Mentha, the beautiful naiad loved by Pluto, god of the underworld. When Pluto’s queen, Proserpine, saw what was going on she jealously trampled Minthe, instantly transforming her into the lowly plant. But Pluto decreed that the more mint was walked on the sweeter it would smell.
Or maybe it takes you back to your own childhood with all the peppermint candy and gum and cakes and even soaps! Then there's coffee drinks, teas, booze and tobacco too...Peppermint just rocks.

More Fun Peppermint Facts

Peppermint was self-hybridized by the 17th century into more than 20 modern varieties of square-stemmed perennials that easily spread by underground root systems. It now grows wild throughout Europe, North America, and Australia, and is one of the few essential oil plants grown in the U.S., where the rainfall, temperature, and soil conditions in Michigan and central Oregon are ideal for high oil production. Most of the oil is redistilled to produce a lighter mint flavor for candies and gums.

Taking center stage in several controversies, herbalists have long argued for or against the assertion by the ancient Greek physician Galen that peppermint is an aphrodisiac. But everyone, including modern scientists, agrees that it is a strong mental and physical stimulant that can help one concentrate and stay awake and alert. ~ HSW

Fans Of Classic Peppermint Scented Shave Products Rejoice! Epic Peppermint is made with pure peppermint essential oil, that's it! Time to shave with the weight of history...EPIC!

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