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what does everyone do with their empty tubs & tins?

I mostly use creams & croaps, so I don't really have a use for my empty tubs & tins.
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I keep my better quality containers for the new Wonderfull artisan soap makers, that sell their soaps in horrible cheap lousy low quality plastic containers (Savon des Volcan Bon Berger and Savonnierre du Moulin are good examples)

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I used to keep them, never did anything with them and they just took up space in the house.

All my soaps just come in a plastic wrap now, so they get transfered to my ceramic soap dish.

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I haven't really emptied one yet, other than a Crabtree & Evelyn wooden bowl that I took the soap out of and used the bowl for my Van der Hagen Luxury soap. I HATED the C&E soap as a shaving soap, but it makes a nice hand/face soap at the bathroom sink.

I expect that when I do finish off a tub, I will wash it out and keep it for holding samples or perhaps some of the pucks that don't come with bowls...

Of course, I will be ordering more soaps very soon, as I am getting bored with my selections, and I need to try some new stuff, so we shall see how that works out...

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I just toss them into the the recycle bin.


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Once I've used up a container I plan on using them to hold little cpu screws and other little odds and ends in the garage work bench.

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When I finished using a tub of Tabula Rasa Steam Punk recently, I cleaned out the tub and repurposed it to hold a bunch of new blades. The tub of blades stays in my medicine chest making it easy to get to a fresh blade, when needed.

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I haven't finished any tubs yet but I will use them for pucks that don't come with a container and for Stirling sample pucks. Right now I use tins that I buy from The Container Store and I am 3 short.

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I have never finished a soap or cream. The odd pre shave or aftershave and I tend to just chuck them. I don't really have any soaps with spectacular packaging like C&S so I would probably just throw them as well.

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Refill them with pucks. =P

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