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Philadelphia, PA
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I finally got around to trying an ASB from Paolo at Eleven. I've always preferred the more simple scented products out there and I believe Paolo definitely hits on that well with the scents he offers.

I'm using his cedar, vetiver and sweetgrass balm:

[Image: nGCFkUs.jpg]

when I first got the bottle, I removed the top and thought that the balm looked really thick and heavy but after priming the pump top and using it 4-5X now, it's not thick, nor is it heavy at all. the scent strength is probably 5-6 out or 10. I'm easily able to get subtle whiffs of the scent for a good 6+ hours after putting it on. for example, I'm wearing it today and put it on around 1pm. It's now after 8pm and I can still smell it.

My neck & face stays soft and supple for most of the day. I wouldn't say it conditions the skins as well as barrister reserve or krampert's finest, but it certainly punches pretty high.

I also love the pump top bottle Paolo uses and wish more merchants used them. I haven't really seen too many merchants using them. I have a balm from captain's choice with the pump top as well.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Agreed! This post shave is the balm! Huge fan. Smooth, creamy, not greasy, absorbs completely. What else can be said. I use the unscented version.

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Philadelphia, PA
I wouldn't mind seeing a barbershop or bay rum scented balm, Eleven. Big Grin

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Woodstock, VT
Glad you tried it Andrew.

I was a tester of the new balm when Paolo was making the transition from Sapone to Eleven. His first version had a tendency to water down after a while. He fixed this and added some new ingredients. I rank it even higher than Antica Barbieria Colla (ABC) balm many revere. It’s that good.

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