2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash is now LIVE! Read more here!!


Charleston, South Carolina
[Image: Pr9lWjo.jpg]

Today from 11:00 - 11:00


Use the code:  1111SALE

Happy Veterans Day!

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Eleven shaving
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Looks like I won't be taking part in the sale. Sad
Shame because the lime/basil is my favorite.
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*Edit. Paolo reached out to me and together we tried to make his checkout software work with my unique mailing address (we failed). So he went out of his way to manually create an invoice so I could get my order in. Thanks Paolo!

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Charleston, South Carolina
PM incoming

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Eleven shaving
Thank you. I had been meaning to try the new formula so ordered Cedar, Vetiver and Sweetgrass.

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There goes my "no buy rest of 2018" goal.

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Actually I assumed the big sale day was today Monday Nov 12 (not Sunday Nov 11). My no buy pledge good until at least Black Friday or Cyber Monday now.
Balls on missing this.........Anyway, if you haven't the Blue Spruce is one of the greatest scents in shavedom. Absolutely fantastic scent.

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