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Does anyone have success with Egyptian blades? I'm pretty much referring to Shark (which has the best logo of any company imo) and Lord blades.
I really wanted to like Shark because of it's badass logo but they didn't offer great shaves (thought still usable). 

I prefer Russian blades personally but i'm curious as to everyone's views on Egyptian blades? Do you use them regularly, do you hate them?

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I have pretty good luck with both Shark and Lord blades. I have reached a point that if a blade works for me then current general  opinion really doesn't matter. For example, I like Israeli Personna Red Packs but do not care for the Crystals, which also come from Israel. Many complain about Treet blades and their tendency to rust. I get a week's worth of smooth shaves from them and don't have the rust problem. So, if a brand works then great; If not, I move on. The country of origin becomes irrelevant.

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Shark SC were my first hundred pack and are still one of my favorites.

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I never found an Egyptian blade I like. Just not smooth to me, but I do have sensitive skin.

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Shark blades are efficient for me, but not smooth.  However, Lord blades are just too dull and leave me with irritation.
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I got a free pack of Lord's. They rusted in my ATT in 2 days. Garbage time.
I like the Lord blades, but they don't last as the russian blades. I got only 1 or 2 comfortable shaves with them.

I'm almost through my 100 pack of Shark Super Chromes and really enjoy them, my skin is sensitive as well, but they still work for me. Still, when I am down to my last, say, 10 or so, I'm going to order a sample pack of blades to see if there is anything else that will work for me, if not better than the Sharks Smile
Not my favorites. I'm also partial to the Russian blades.
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When I first started I thought I really liked the Lord plats, so I bought maybe 50 of them, tried to use one a few months ago after using a bunch of other blades and they suck! I can get 1 decent shave out of it!

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