Philadelphia, PA
my colleague is from Egypt and is going back there in a few weeks to see his family. He offered to bring back anything I was wanting. Is there any shaving items worth having him pick up?
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Razor belonging to Hatnefer would be a cool piece to get Big Grin Sorry I don't have a serious reply........
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no shave related stuff...but Ajwah Dates are amazing.
Ajwah is the name of the variant...like Medjool

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Egypt is the country in which Lord razor blades are produced. This includes Lord, Shark, Silver Star, Big Ben and Asco brands. If you have never tried these blades, I would not recommend that a large number be purchased locally.

I have heard some good reports concerning the Silver Star blades, but have not tried them. Personally, I like the Lord Platinum and Shark Platinum blades, finding them to be sharp, yet smooth. On the other hand, I do not like the Shark Chrome blades at all as they are not very sharp.

Since you live in Philadelphia, I doubt that purchasing razor blades in Egypt is worth the effort. All of the Lord brands are less than $10 per 100-pack on Amazon, so they are cheap enough here.

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Ingram. Just doing a cursory search, I've never heard of that, and they have an Egyptian version being mentioned. Perhaps other places make it too.

Philadelphia, PA
my colleague was able to find some Egyptian bath soap for me. He said it was very difficult to find locally made stuff...

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Maybe its the same sort of thing you see in some of the coffee growing countries. If you go to Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Colombia etc and think youre going to score some excellent coffee beans you will generally have difficulty finding any.  They have to sell their best produce / products for the highest prices possible on the export market and there isn't much for domestic consumption.  The same thing happens here in Canada - back in the early 80s I was a carpenter and I had never seen dimensional lumber longer than 16 feet but then I worked on a job building a historical recreation of an CPR Roundhouse using turn of the (last) century plans and we had 26 foot long dimensional lumber on site for framing the walls.  I was surprised and asked an old journeyman where it came from.  He told me it was Canadian lumber and the reason I'd never seen it in any lumber yard or on any job site  was that it was our best lumber and we sold all of that to the USA.  We could only get hold of any by special order and there was to be no wastage.  Blocking was always cut from scraps but sometimes you had to use longer material when you'd used all the scraps - not on that job.  If you needed blocking and had used all the scraps, there was some regular length material on site that didn't cost as much that you could use for blocking if you had to.

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