I'm rather new to De shaving, I started on april '19. I have been using exclusively a De89 and a wilkinson sword TTO (the new one made by WEISHI). I have been improving my shaves a lot and today i tried the FEATHER blade on the DE89 for the first time. Well. you won't believe it. Perfect BBS in three passes!! To all those who say the 89 is not an efficient razor...just try it with the feathers and let me know!!!
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The DE89 is a sweet razor.  Glad you found a combo that works.

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Great basic razors like that and the Merkur 34c can be a guy's solo tool forever. All you need is a good quality soap.

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yes it could be my only razor but i receive the new wilkinson classic TTO (a subject of another post) and i'm set. No need to buy 200 razors.
I know, palmolive is very economical..but i find out it's not too bad for me. I also like red proraso.
(09-21-2019, 09:12 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote: The DE89 is a sweet razor.  Glad you found a combo that works.

yes you are right. Many told me not to buy the DE89 because "its too mild" but you know what? It gives me fantastic shaves and very comfortable too. So i definitely don't mind what they say.

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The DE89 was my starter razor for a couple of years. Great razor that worked well for me with a variety of blades. I kept notes back then in each blade I used so I’d remember. My notes for the Feather consisted of “ouch”.  I’ve since come to live the Feather in other razors. Maybe I should try it in the de89 again to see if it’s any less frightening for me now that I have several years of experience under my belt.

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The EJ DE89 was my first DE and it is a fine shaver, but I found it to be a bit mild, for me, even with a shim as it always required 3 passes with touch-ups to get a good shave, compared to my Blackbirds and Charcoal Goods Level 3's, which take only 2 passes with touch-ups for an excellent and much better shave.
However, if you enjoy the Edwin Jagger, then, fantastic and happy shaving. Smile

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Many of us had the DE89 as our first razor. If lucky, will be your last razor for several years.

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The Muhle 89 was my 2nd razor after the Merkur 34. This was about 8 years ago or so. Anyway I never got that bbs shave with the R89. Only recently I have tried the R89 again, this time with a Feather and it was fabulous. Probably my shaving skill had also improved quite a bit. Now more and more I reach for the R89! Great BBS every time.

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I used a DE89 as my first DE and unfortunately I didn’t care for it. Way too mild and I had to do so many passes that my face wasn’t happy. I actually went on a wetshaving hiatus because of it since using carts was giving me much better shaves. I eventually dove back in with a Cobra Classic and got the bug again. For many people though the DE89 seems to perform very well.

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