Happy Easter all. I am a firm believer that holidays are best spent with family and food.

We over indulged today but it was all tasty.

The morning started with a brunch after church.

Sticky buns, fruit cups, mimosas and tea or coffee. It was only 31F at 10 AM so the hot beverages went well.
[Image: TlBSyf7.jpg]

The main course for dinner was a pork roast wrapped in bacon. Here it is pre-oven.
[Image: h5bMxJa.jpg]

Post oven this is the roast and the potato dish - Potatoes Romanov. A sinfully rich potato casserole with sour cream, cream cheese and cheddar cheese for the sauce. Both are resting prior to serving - the roast to redistribute the juices prior to carving and the potatoes to cool down.
[Image: wMG3cVx.jpg]

This is the meal plated and served. The roast, corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage stuffing. It was very good.
[Image: UY2ybQR.jpg]

We relaxed after dinner but eventually had room for dessert. A triple chocolate mousse cake served with tea.
If you look closely at the plate at the left of the pic you see a purchased pastry. My wife does not like the mousse   Huh
[Image: 81cNNiO.jpg]

Hope you all enjoyed the day.


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You do realize these pictures constitute cruel and unusual punishment, don't you? Tongue

Everything looks delicious, Phil.

[Image: Xl8WysW.png]For Easter I enjoyed Easter eggs. And they were colored like the eggs below.
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This was the spread there this afternoon.

[Image: Qacwjjv.jpg]

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Shave yourself.

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You guys did GREAT!

No pics on this end but our day consisted of:

Maple glazed ham
Spanish Tortilla [potatoes, not likely what you're thinking!]
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with shiitake mushrooms, onion, garlic cloves and bacon
Field green salads with pickled beets and Gorgonzola

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Very lovely, gentlemen! Happy2
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Everything looks delicious.

Alphege Love those Easter eggs. Did you make them?

Todd, What is the cake like item with the golden raisin cross in the bottom of the pic?


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Very nice - you had me at bacon.

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