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The Durham-Duplex razor handle (sometimes called the Wade and Butcher handle) is a long time favorite of mine.  It's one of the most agile and maneuverable razor handles ever made.  It turns out there are two of them; one made in England, and one in the U. S. A.  I don't know which is which. One is plated in chrome; the other in nickel, and there are small differences in their shape as well.  They both measure 76 mm X 11 mm, and weigh between 43 & 46 grams.  Here are two pictures of them side by side.  The one on the left is chrome plated, and the one on the right is nickel plated. The one on the left is mated with a Gillette Tech, and the one on the right with a Blackland Vector. They are excellent razor handles.

[Image: UlXzIDg.jpg][Image: gOU4C3m.jpg]

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