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Restitutor Orbis
Not sure if even in the same category, but without price being a factor, which one would you gents go for?
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IMO, no contest. Saville Row. 3822, a tiny little brush but well made and works well for creams and bowl lathering.  Just my opinion.

[Image: i-2J5DRgd-L.jpg]

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Austin, TX
SR here too. A Shavemac by any other name still lathers as sweet Smile

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I agree SR but I love shavemac brushes

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Restitutor Orbis
Drats. I bought the Duke 3 from Amazon two weeks ago... T_T

Welp... I guess I need to talk to Charles one of these days.. lol

Thanks gents for the input.
The Duke 3 is a great all-around brush, you will not be disappointed.

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I have the SR 3324. Excellent brush.

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The Dude Abides
I am a huge fan of the newest 2 band Shavemac brushes. However for a 3 band, I don't think a Duke 3 in best can be beat. I have a 58 in best slightly shorter loft than the D3 and it's a favorite of mine.

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The Duke is the most popular Simpsons brush next to the chubby for a reason. It's a great all round brush. Good choice.

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saville row is made by shavemac?

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