Review of Dragonsbeard…Oleo and Ethos Collaboration 
I wanted to review this soap since I have picked it up at the Maggards meet up. It is a collaboration between Oleo and a new company coming to market Ethos. What I like about this soap is the skin care properties and the post shave feel. The scent is also great and my wife approves it. Im no chemist, but from what I read and have talked to Vida and Frank (Ethos founder) this soap is much more than a shave soap. They both explained that the ingredients are real and not synthetic. Meaning the agarwood resin and oud is the real deal and that is the reason why it is more than other soaps. Both Frank and Vida explained that if a soap claims to have these types of expensive ingredients and the soap does not go up in price its more than likely synthetic, which is never as good as the real deal. In addition, there is duck fat and sheep milk, but it also adds in camels’ milk and EOS complex. Now I do not understand this complex, but I can say I have been using this soap since Maggards and I can say my skin is very soft and clearer. When Vida and Frank explained this EOS complex it is a special blend of exotic skin food ingredients. I know that Frank has been in the skin and hair care business for years after talking to him this is his special ingredient blend to give his products and edge.  Getting on to the soap itself…
Scent: Very masculine. There is no denying that this is a scent for a man. To my nose I get a deep dark rich scent with a touch of oud that really sets it off. My wife enjoys the scent and even suggests at times that I use that soap because of the scent it leaves in the bathroom. 
Lather: It is more of a low density that reminds me of sour cream when properly lathered. It takes a lot of water like Murphy & McNeil but not nearly as soft as their soaps. The lather also did not take a long time to whip up as compared to BM reserve line, but the lather is very similar. 
Cushion and Slickness: I do like aggressive razors, but I have been using a CG LVL 3 with a new feather to test the protection from the soap and it has done well. There is enough cushion that I do not feel that I will cut my face up, yet I still pay attention when I use that razor. The slickness is on par with the best. There have been times where I went over my trouble spots (under my chin and adams apple) without applying more soap and I had no irritation. When talking to Frank he likes to call this “ghost lather” and I would agree with that term. 
Post shave: This is the claim to fame in my opinion. There is no need for an aftershave product if you do not want to use one. One trick I have been using is after my shave I apply a thin layer of lather to my face when cleaning my gear up and then rinse off. My skin has not been softer, and my wife has noticed a difference. Since I am a night shaver, I have noticed that post shave has lasted into the morning and that is quite nice when waking up. I would put the post shave up there with M&M, BM, and GD. 
Aftershave: Alcohol based, and it also features the EOS complex in a higher amount from what Vida and Frank said. It smells great and it has a nice clean burn to it when splashed on the face. It would have been nice if it came with a restrictor, but when I contacted Frank and Vida that was an error on shipping, and they did not get them in time for Maggard’s. According to them that issue is fixed. The AF did not leave my skin sticky or oily in any way. The lasting power was good, I shave at night and come morning time I can still faintly smell it 6-7 hours later.   
Overall: Oleo and Ethos did a great job and I think this soap is currently the number one “under the radar” soap right now. I really look forward to more collaborations and hope they come soon. If you are a soap person this is a must try and that is why I want to do a pass around.  

Pass around: The pass around soap has been scooped out and not lathered in just to keep it as clean as possible. If you want to be in on the pass around all that I ask is that you scoop the soap out and post an honest review on your experience. If you wish to sign up just comment below and we can start a list. 

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Excellent review Bo I have the complete set from when we were at Maggards meetup and I have to agree about the post shave feel. PannaCreama Nuavia is my favorite soap and I think the Dragonsbeard collaboration matches the post shave feel. The AS just adds to the great skin feel you get from it and it does last.

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Pass around:
1. AJSharp

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Thanks bgolfo! As has already been said, that is an excellent review.

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Hi Bo
Thank you for the excellent review and It was certainly a pleasure meeting you at the Maggard Shave Meet. As far as the EOS Complex. I've been developing it for a couple of years now and it was originally intended for a high end skin care line I was going to launch and also add it to a hair product line I make but it would involve completely changing all the packaging slick screening on over 30 products and 50 SKU's so very cost prohibitive so I decided to put in all the ETHOS Grooming products that will begin to enter the lineup of shaving, skincare, haircare and body care products that will be added to the line moving forward. Your right I'm doing a few collaboration Shave Soaps with Vida at Oleo as I really like working with her.  After the 1st of the year I will have my faculties all ready for making all my own products and Vida has other things she's working on so we will part company as of then but still be friends of course. The Dragonsbeard soap & aftershave all contain the EOS complex which stands for Earth Ocean Science which is where all the ingredients in the complex come from and although at this early stage I don't feel comfortable listing all the 34 ingredients that compose the complex I will say that some of the ingredients are sea plants that have been fermented in a special process along with many other  beneficial  skin care ingredients with most being 100% natural as well as some wonderful man made environmentally friendly ingredients. All these ingredients most often found in very high end skin care products.  The Sheep and Camels milk are in a high levels as well which adds to the post shave you are feeling and when combined with the EOS complex your skin will continue to get better. I didn't want my Shave soaps to have post shave that feels oily or sticky on the face and I'm glad you noticed that.  Also like I mentioned at the show. High quality ingredients are not cheap as well as some essential oils, resins and wood oils like Sandalwood and Agarwood oil  I'm using for example. So all ETHOS products moving forward will be priced according to what's in them and at what levels .  I could say so much more but I'd be glad to answer any questions anyone would have. Also I like the idea of a pass around and if you send me your address I'll send you a new soap, aftershave and bar soap as all the labels are finally correct and this way the last person on your pass around list can keep the soap. 

That was not fun what happened leading up to the Maggard shave meet and below is what the finished Shave soap & Aftershave labels looks like which is now available  at both WCS and Oleo's website. Mine should be up in a few weeks as we are still working on it. Also this is a mock up of what the next Shave Soap that will be launched out will look like minus a few changes that need to be tweaked.  ETHOS will be divided into Collections for an easy shopping experience. So for example the Island Collection will be products that are associated with tropical, Beachy type aromas and the ingredients that are indigenous to Islands and cultures of the people is the short story.  I'd love to hear some feedback. 

Thank you so much Bo for doing the first review of my new line of Essential [Image: rjfNU3Z.jpg]grooming products.[Image: MXo7hAX.jpg]

[Image: gMu5rtv.jpg]

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Thanks Frank and thanks for offering to donate a set to the last person on the list. We just need to have some more people sign up and I was planning on starting the pass around this coming Monday

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Just purchased an order of this soap. Will be interested to try this out! Hopefully I don't get too addicted.

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(08-01-2019, 11:10 PM)ScientificShaves Wrote: Just purchased an order of this soap. Will be interested to try this out! Hopefully I don't get too addicted.
Happy2 Happy2   Please let us know your thoughts on it.
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(08-01-2019, 11:28 PM)HighSpeed Wrote:
(08-01-2019, 11:10 PM)ScientificShaves Wrote: Just purchased an order of this soap. Will be interested to try this out! Hopefully I don't get too addicted.
Happy2 Happy2   Please let us know your thoughts on it.

Will do. I got some nice soaps to compare it with so will definitely be interesting.
Where can I just buy it?

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