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I don’t think I have used DR Harris Windsor soap in over a year.  The cream is great, and I love the fragrance!  So I decided to do a test lather today in an effort to see if I should use the soap tomorrow.  I think I will based off of what I was able to while up!

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I also understand that there has been a recent reformulation?  How does the new formula stack up against the older soap (what I have)?




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I have both puck in Arlington scent and they are pretty similar, maybe new one (Sodiun tallow instead Potassium as first ingredient) improve performance a little bit.
But difference it isn't so great as to invest bucks owning previous one which is wonderful.

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Don't know about the new formulation but I have enough of the old to get me to the finish line.

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I have only one DRH soap. It is the older one listing potassium palmate as the 1st ingredient. I have the Windsor scent, which I really like.

It is a decent soap, but the performance is not as good as several other soaps with a similar price point, at least here in the States. In particular, I am disappointed in the cushion, residual slickness and post shave feel.

The new formula with sodium stearate listed first might have improved cushion, but the residual slickness and post shave feel won't be changed significantly.

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D.R. Harris Windsor was the first premium soap I bought in 2013 I believe.

Scent is a TdH dupe.

Performance is mediocre, in my honest opinion.

The formula is now changed, people who have tried it say it performs somewhat better, but personally I'm not that interested in giving it another shot.

edit: I'd say Marlborough has a nicer, more distinctive scent.

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(04-05-2020, 01:38 PM)nikos.a Wrote: Performance is mediocre, in my honest opinion.

BTW, the cream is nice.
The packaging is nice too ...

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I really don't understand the many times I see DR Harris reviewed as a sub par soap as it has never been my experience EVER!  I have so many soaps from so many makers and Harris will run with them in cushion and slickness. I have no doubt you fellas know how to lather a soap and wonder why our experiences are so different.  And I'll PM my address so you can get rid of that crummyHarris puck.

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