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DOPPELMONSTER is one of our exclusive and downright gorgeous MONSTER safety razors that comes with our very first matching MONSTER-PODIUM Razor Stand! The MONSTER-PODIUM is 4.25" in height which is double the size of a normal PODIUM Stand. To say this will be the most eye-catching and beautiful razor/stand set in your shave den is an understatement.
The DOPPELMINI is another new addition to our new limited production and special edition DOPPELGANGERS Collection. This beautiful set comes with a gorgeous 3" MINI BALLER safety razor (for all you short handle razor fans) and it's matching PODIUM razor stand. These DOPPELGANGER sets are truly mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind works of art that are as amazing to look at as they are to shave with. Meet your match today!
Its said that everyone has a DOPPELGANGER out there somewhere. Now is the chance for you to find yours in the form of a gorgeous matching hand-crafted safety razor and PODIUM razor stand set. Our DOPPELGANGER sets are hand-turned using beautiful and durable Alumilite resin and both pieces are finished to perfection. These very limited production and special edition DOPPELGANGERS are guaranteed to be the ultimate stand outs in your shave den and are truly functional and collectible one-of-a-kind works of art. Check them out on our website and if you think you're seeing double... you are!
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