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Arizona, USA
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If you have not heard yet, Doppelganger Oxblood HAS RETURNED! One of our OG Dopplegangers, and Homage to Penhaligon's Sartorial! A mighty fine scent for all; A Fresh, Spicy, Aromatic blast of Floral, Woody, Metallic and Sweet! Both modern and nostalgic all at once!
ALSO, be aware today is the last day to grab Phoenix Lights!

Scent Profile: Citrus, Grapefruit, Jasmin, Woody, Amber, Musk, *Wormwood, *Tobacco & Oakmoss. A timeless, instant classic kinda scent!

*Note: Both the aftershave/cologne and EDP contain the extra kick of pure Tobacco Absolute. Both are also steeped in oak cubes for an added rugged depth...it's magical stuff! Oh, and we steeped a pinch of wormwood in the splash as well! 

Find The Phoenix Lights Collection Here: http://shor.by/GrYx

Warm, calming, musky, masculine, and memorable like an Arizona afternoon down on the ranch! GRAB IT WHILE WE GOT IT! (You have been warned!)

"Over A Decade Of Different, Phoenix Shaving!"
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