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BOOOOOM, Doppelgänger Oxblood!!! (It's really happening!)

An Homage to Sartorial by Penhaligon's

If this is your first time hearing of Oxblood, you must be new, for this juice is the stuff of legends; a smooth, classic, Phoenix' homage & tip of the old pith hat to Penhaligon's Sartorial! [Also, one of our first 3 original Doppelgängers & CK6 soaps ever made!]

First 50 Bundles Include Limited Edition, Collectible Holographic Label!

Scent Profile:Top notes: Metallic notes, Aldehydes, Cardamon, Black Pepper, Water Notes, Violet Leaf, Ginger and Neroli. Middle notes: Lavender, Beeswax, Leather, Lime (Linden Blossom) and Cyclamen. Base notes: Oakmoss, Honey, Woody Notes, Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Vanilla, White Musk, Myrrh, Cedar and Gurjan balsam. Fresh, Spicy, Aromatic, Floral, Woody, Metallic and Sweet!

I have ALWAYS enjoyed this scent and kinda love it, I would describe it as a Heroical, Sophisticated, Barbershop blend of pure EPIC. A Fresh, Spicy, Aromatic blast of Floral, Woody, Metallic and Sweet! A modern, definitive classic and favorite among many a traditional wet shaver for the last 12 years, and rightly so; it is a very rich, nostalgic and masculine, Aromatic Fougère! Its power lies in drawing from that, till recently, long lost art of traditional shaving! In fact, I would bet Penhaligon's release of Sartorial was a direct reaction to the resurgence in Wet Shaving!

Truly A Must For Every Shave Den

"A Decade Of Different, Phoenix Shaving!"

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