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Oh baby, this latest Doppelgänger is gonna really make some people extremely happy!

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Scent Profile: Top: British Gin, Jamaican Lime, Scottish Highland Pine, Middle: Duke of Windsor Roses, Lady Banksia Rose Base: Bahamian Orange, Canadian Cedar, Australian Eucalyptus. An Homage to Creed's Royal Mayfair!

This fragrance is not only very well known by the fragrance community but also possesses an amazing history taboot!

Originally created by Creed for The Duke Of Windsor and for him only! The recipe was then vaulted away for 79 years!!! It made a surprise comeback about 10 years back as a special Limited Edition Frag and if the exclusiveness wasn't iconic enough, the scent is AMAZING! Talk about a summer scent! Talk about a must have. Talk about Anytime Scent, Talk About...well, I digress.

Lets Talk Scent

Many have asked if we would be releasing our instant, refreshing classic, Djinn & Chthonic (Gin & Tonic) again this season and I had to keep making up something as to why we would not be, and I am sorry for that folks, but THIS is the reason why, Doppelgänger Gold Label!

If you are looking for a frag with a beautiful gin forward note, Gold Label is it. But it is MUCH more than that, I promise. A quick scan of the scent profile and you can see these notes were cherry picked from across the former British Empire! The palette is one of depth, pleasure and profoundness! The magic of this blend is refreshingly exquisite, refined and classic masculine. This accord will hold your noses attention the entire day through with all its twists and turns. A complete joy to wear.

Also, a little piece of Arizona Inside

Because I like to go the extra mile with our homages and try to keep within the tradition, much like the original recipe included rose from The Duke's garden, I also chose to distill and use Lady Banksia Rose Hydrosol that I source from Tombstone, Arizona! Not only does this bush grow in Tombstone, it is also the world's largest specimen of it!

Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designer. This version is NOT to be confused with the original and Phoenix Shaving, LLC has no affiliation with Creed.

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http://shor.by/Eejh [Please Share This Post!]

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