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Hello Gents,

I have a few items that I would like to put up for sale, because we are moving in a couple of weeks, and I'm holding onto a little too much stuff.  The shave soaps are either new or very lightly used, and the hardware has been well taken care of and cleaned.  The only thing I would be interested in for trade is a straight razor strop.  If you have any questions, please contact me via PM.  Thanks for looking.

***SHIPPING:  Please refer to the pricing below, because the prices do NOT include shipping.

Individual items will be shipped via USPS 1st Class and cost $3.

I prefer to use USPS priority shipping and if you purchase multiple items, I will pack as much as I can into small flat rate boxes or priority bubble mailers.  In those situations, shipping is $5

For the interested buyers who want me to ship to addresses outside of the US, please send me a PM, and we can calculate the most affordable option.

[Image: eDwKLJfl.jpg]
[Image: pp8YZfGl.jpg]
Razors: Includes some SE blades
• Gem 1912 - $7 Sold
• Ever Ready 1924 (Shovel head) - $7Sold


SOLD • B&B Essentials Boar Brush (Frosted Seafoam) - $13
Great boar brush with an Omega knot.  Perfect for those who face lather.  It's the only boar I own, and has broken in nicely. Includes brush stand.

• 26mm Finest Badger Brush with Ebony handle - $25
This brush used to have the Ikon logo on it, but it has rubbed off over time.  Nice brush, good backbone and soft tips.

[Image: 3v4DSPrl.jpg]
[Image: VW68ylJl.jpg]
SOLD• Gingers Garden Sunburst (4.2 oz) - $9
Like new only used twice.  Great product, but my skin is sensitive to aftershaves that contain alcohol.
SOLD • AOS Lavender Post Shave Balm (3.3 oz) - $14
Brand new in box.

Soaps: Take all 3 for $20 + shipping
SOLD • Krampert's Finest (Bay Rum) - $10 - Brand new
SOLD • Mystic Water Soap (Bergamot, Cedarwood & Juniper) - $5 - used twice
SOLD • TOBS shaving cream (Grapefruit) - $7 used 3 times


Take your pick with each order
[Image: b9k3WHll.jpg]
IK cream - CLAIMED
PM sent
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Just tried again

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Okay. got it now. Reply sent.
Nobody claimed the arko boy? What the heck is wrong wit dem guys?
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True irony
LOL...I guess not.
Arko is notorious for its scent/odor (whichever you call it) so that might be why?

Personally, i couldnt use it for more than 1 shave. There are better smelling soap out there so i couldnt push myself to use it. I tossed it....
If I didn't already have enough to last a year than I might have chose it.

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