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In going through my emails from the last several days, I found one announcing that West Coast Shaving has introduced TEN (yup, 10!) new razors, including open combs, safety bars, and twist to opens.  I really didn't need to see that... Tongue

I look forward to reading what folks think as they buy and try, and I hope I can stay strong and not buy too many!!

WCS new razors

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Interesting. I'll be curious to hear how these shave (as I'm sure most of us will be).
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That's not very tempting when I can get a Maggard or RazoRock with a stainless handle for less.

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I think any news of another vendor carrying or branding new razors is good news. This can only extend the reach of DE razors in the market and that should help people looking to improve their shaves.

I have not had RAD for a while now (touch wood), but others should benefit from this. I like WCS - they're a great vendor!

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Look like cadet or pearl razors to me. Not bad razors
(02-29-2016, 10:23 PM)Hersh Wrote: Look like cadet or pearl razors to me. Not bad razors

Yep I have a Razorock TTO that looks exactly like that. They are just pearl/cadet razors.

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