I currently own an Omega 48, 49 and Semogue 1305. I've always been a bowl latherer.  Over the past 2 weeks I have started face lathering with these brushes.  I've noticed that I seem to get a better lather, and better shaves. I am definitely getting a better lather, face lathering, than using my bowl.  I think I'll just use the bowl to rest the brush between passes. as I have been doing now for 2 weeks. The question being…  has anyone else experienced this? I am very happy that my shaving has gotten better and smoother since I started doing this. It feels like I've  raised it a notch. Any thoughts on this?
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Central Maine
Yup, years ago and immediately. I didn't believe it the first time so I repeated the bowl lathering experiment a month later and that was the last time that I bowl lathered.
I know Brian. What a difference.
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Castro Valley,CA
I never bowl lather with boar brushes for that same reason. I sometimes load a little more soap between passes to keep the bristles nice and loaded. If I'm in a rush I'll always face lather with a boar brush because I can get a decent lather in less then a minute.
Boars are perfect for face lathering. Which is why I have more boars in my brush collection than anything else.

Central Maine
If I may, one advantage of a boar brush as compared to denser "other" brushes is that they rinse out so easily. Of course that advantage holds whether one bowl lathers or face lathers. But every time I move from my synthetics and badgers to the boars I'm struck by how easily they rinse out.

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I switched from bowl to face lathering simply because it was more efficient for me and required less cleanup.
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As it happens, I switched to face lathering when I got a boar brush too. I prefer the feel of the bristles on my face while the lather builds. I get a better feel for when the lather is at its proper state.

Sacramento, CA
Not long after I started wet shaving, I tried face lathering because my wife grew annoyed with the "clanking" noise of bowl lathering while she slept. Like everyone else I immediately noticed the benefit of face lathering and have never looked back.

Soon, you'll just set the brush on its base during passes and abandon the bowl as a rest. I now use my bowl for soap samples.
Yes, I like the feel of the boar brush on my face. You can really work up the lather quickly. Funny, my wife would complain at times about the clanking too. Just really happy I stuck with it and it's working so well. Now I'll have to buy more boars! Big Grin
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