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I have been noticing a decrease in the quality of my shave on the right side of my face over the last few weeks. I assumed my technique was getting sloppy. If I concentrated extra hard my shave was as good as I remember but was too much work. Harder than I remember it being.

I finally realized that the vision discrepancy between my two eyes has grown. My left eye is dominant and I see well out of it without glasses. My right eye is apparently getting worse.
This affects my shave. When I shave the left side of my face I turn my head to the right. This gives me a good view and stretches my skin taught. My left eye is doing the seeing at this point. All is good and the view clear.

When I shave my right side I turn my head to the left. I did not realize it but I still use my left eye to see clearly what I am shaving. If I turn too far the bridge of my nose obstructs the view of the left eye. My right eye does not see as clearly so I turn my head less to continue using my left eye to see my reflection as I shave. This simple adjustment leaves my skin less taut and the shave less clean.

It seems simple as I type but it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I compensate by using my free hand to stretch the skin tight.

Thought this may be of interest to others.


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Has this always been a problem, Phil?
Hi Phil
I would consider getting looked at by a doctor as when i had a fixed eye and double vision on one side it made no difference to my shave as i suspect shaving has more to do with feel rather than look along with muscle memory but who knows.

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