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We had breakfast on the deck on Saturday. We don't often stop and enjoy the deck and backyard. We lingered over coffee and tea.
The dogs explored and sniffed about.

This is Toby as he first leaves the deck. After realizing we are done eating so there is no reason for him to hang around for scraps.
[Image: 2pqetpD.jpg]

Foxy and Toby just enjoying the outdoors.
[Image: A8AnT9g.jpg]

Foxy meanders about. It was warm and humid. Experience has taught her not to run about in that long fur coat.
[Image: 7MD7zdR.jpg]

[Image: XMNzdqP.jpg]

Toby heeds no such warning and runs around gleefully until he needs to stop and cool down.
[Image: ImB261a.jpg]

I liked taking the pics and looking at the yard art.

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Philadelphia, PA
the black dog looks like a wolf when it's looked at some a side profile!

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Central Maine
I seem to remember a small pond. I'm surprised they aren't in it. Maybe the unofficial drought? Spots on my lawn are burned despite the recent rain. It'll take much more than the little rain we've been getting to get the grass back. I'm not complaining since I'm dependent on my neighbor to mow our grass, as per the visiting nurses and the surgeon. I strongly suspect that I'm far more capable than they let on though. But the unofficial drought has slowed grass mowing down. (YAY!)
Phil, doing good here. My recovery has been accelerated by 2 weeks (I heal rapidly and always have). Initially it was 8 weeks for recovery, now it's down to 6. I assume all activities on Thursday, I intend to extend that to Saturday on my own; a very tiny point, but I've been pushing things as I always do. The surgeon told me I could drive a week ago (I'm near an air bag ( a huge no-no for the sternum), so the extra 2 weeks is to cover his butt, and mine I assume). The shoulder harness on the incision is the pits. It was much better when my hand could act as a buffer between it and the incision, now I put it under my arm. But the wife had enough of being my chauffeur (and I had enough of being her potential victim), she's much happier being driven around rather than driving.

(She's a lousy driver and doesn't have a clue where her passenger side is as long as the drivers side is OK. She''s a geometric retard. She came within a fraction of an inch of fender bending another car and was totally oblivious. I nearly embarrassed my undies that day. I saw it from inches away. It was suggested that I could be a back seat driver, but it would have been far too frequent. She'd have put me out. She's just a clueless driver. Heck, she almost put the passenger side into a drainage ditch once by going off of the pavement... it was that close and bothered my incision. She was totally clueless. It's funny now but not at the time.)

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Brian. Lover of SE razors.

gone to Carolina in my mind
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Phil: Love your dogs and your back yard. Thx for sharing.   Happy   Happy

Brian:  Get well soon.  Happy2  Happy2

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Skin Care Trumps Skin Repair

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(07-16-2018, 09:17 PM)andrewjs18 Wrote: the black dog looks like a wolf when it's looked at some a side profile!

She does look wolf like in the picture I posted but she is much closer in size and mannerisms to a fox. Hence her name - Foxy.

She swivels her ears independently for echolocation when she hears a chipmunk in the forest litter. She also pounces like a fox.
Lastly she often sleeps curled up with her bushy tail in front of her face. Very fox like.

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(07-16-2018, 10:19 PM)ShadowsDad Wrote: I seem to remember a small pond.
She''s a geometric retard.

The pond is in the front yard. We don't allow the dogs in there as the bottom is muddy. These two obey that. We had a black lab we really had to train to keep her out. And that only went so far. Hot summer day + pond + black lab = wet dog Smile

"geometric retard" just cracked me up.
My wife has what I call spacial relations issues. She is a fine driver. But she can not visualize object sizes in relations to their surroundings.
For 20 years I was constantly moving things to show her they would not fit where she wanted - shrubbery, furniture, yard art, etc.

One day she asked me to move a 9 ft sofa into a corner where we had a single wing back chair??? Our 14 YO daughter looked at her like she was crazy and said "Mom that won't fit". ML asked us put the sofa there to show her.

I instituted a new rule - "NO more Move it to Prove it". If our daughter or I said something did not fit I no longer have to exert the physical energy to move it to show it does NOT fit.

Now this spacial issue does not apply to firewood cutting. I often have trouble making my cuts meet up on large diameter logs. I wind up "corkscrewing" the cut after I roll the log over. ML EXCELS at cutting through cleanly by matching up a cut that she can't even see on the other side of the log. Go figure. She now cuts most of the firewood to length.

Lastly. Glad your recovery is going well. Continue to take care.

(07-17-2018, 08:31 AM)HighSpeed Wrote: Phil: Love your dogs and your back yard. Thx for sharing.   Happy   Happy

Brian:  Get well soon.  Happy2  Happy2

Thanks. Both the dogs and humans like it back there.

Central Maine
Understood. I wouldn't want my dogs to get muddy either.

I would set up an oscillating sprinkler at times. Not much output since it was for the dogs cooling playtime. They'd get right in there and try to catch the pulses of water. Then one of them decided he'd just go right up to the sprinkler and almost put it in his mouth to stop the shenanigans at the source. To combat that I'd take a nozzle that makes a stream and again, with reduced pressure shoot it almost vertically in the air, moving it slowly. He tried to catch whatever was making the movement in the lawn. Of course that put him directly under the stream which was the whole point. OK, play was also part of it.
Brian. Lover of SE razors.

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