Philadelphia, PA
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do you change your shaving gear like your razors/blades based on the weather/season outside? for example, I've been loving my ikon tech with super iridium blades for the past few months, but lately its felt harsh on my skin. here in Philly, it's been frigid (ironically it's 65 today!).

I'm wondering if my face/facial hair likes the more aggressive razors when there's some decent levels of humidity outside (spring/summer) vs the more mild razors when it is dry outside (fall/winter).

for my next shave, I'm going to switch from my ikon tech to either my ATT calypso M1 or my feather as-d2 to see how it goes.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Very interesting. I have not noticed this but will pay closer attention. I'll be watching this thread.

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Las Vegas, NV, USA
The weather in Vegas is rather stable year-round, so I’ve never thought of this. However, in humid areas, I can imagine that the skin is more “plump” when there is heat and humidity, and when it gets cold and dry, a razor like the iKon Tech may definitely expose any lack of moisture or nourishment in the skin. (Also, wind can be very harsh on the skin, depending on the conditions.)

I’m interested in any further observations on this thread, as well.

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Woodstock, VT
Great topic Andrew. I notice in the cold Vermont/New England winters my face prefers a milder shave with lots of balm. I can use the new 17-4 (efficient/smooth) daily in this environment but not the Blackbird. Come summer more aggressive razors.

When visiting home in Ireland the water is really soft down our way in Kerry and no problem with the Blackbird daily! The gentle Gulf Stream brings temperate weather allowing many palm trees to grow even this far north in the Atlantic Ocean. For some (or this) reason I get my best shaves there.

You know...when back In Ireland I know my stress level is down from daily hustle and bustle life. I bet this helps the shave/skin as well. Wink

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Interesting question. I can't say that it affects the mechanics of the shave. The one impact weather has on my shave though is post shave. I need to use a moisturizer in the winter that's for sure!

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San Diego, Cal., USA
What a great question, andrewjs18.  Like Matsilainen’s Las Vegas, San Diego's weather is fairly equable all year.  However, when the Santa Ana winds blow in from the desert, humidity levels can be incredibly low, sometimes into single digits.  While I have never thought in terms of razors and blades, I am mindful of post shave care.  Most of the time I finish up with a moisturizing balm or toner ( think Stirling, Chatillon Lux, Black Tie Razor products, etc.; you get the idea).  Even when the humidity is decent, I believe the sun can dry out my skin so I turn to those balms more than anything else.  I’m not sure the type of razor and/or blade would make that much difference to me as I have easily managed beard growth to shave and, unlike you and others, do not shave my head.

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Central Maine
My shaves definitely change for the season.

I use my products almost exclusively. That means either cooling menthol or warming bay rum. In the cold weather I mostly use the bay rum, when the weather starts to warm I begin thinking about Frostbite (menthol). I haven't used Frostbite for well over a month now.

My hardware doesn't change.

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In cold dry weather hydration is the key and also use a good pre-shave wash that helps to soften/lubricate. It's far easier to do this in a hot shower as well. Then, after lathering the face let the lather sit a tad longer. Do something for a few minutes as the lather sits, but not to the point of drying. This will bring you back to par.

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I used to change some of my shaving software with the seasons. Because of some skin drying in the winter, I used balms more than splash aftershaves, for example. However, more recently I haven't made any changes. I live in an apartment that is insulated well and stays pretty much at the same temperature range and humidity all year, plus I have gotten lazier, so I just maintain my regular SOTD rotation. About the only changes are variations in the water temperature in my scuttles.

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I don't use MdC in the winter.

Razors and brushes though I don't really have a rhyme or reason to begin with. It hasn't ever occurred to me to use anything in particular hardware wise due to the weather.

Some different soaps I have a preference for seasonally. I do wonder sometimes when it comes to different scents if it's got anything to do with actual performance. I think some heavier scented stuff isn't good when it's hot and humid and heavy menthol likewise when it's frigid outside. I feel like most people just do that without too much consideration.

I do suppose that I am using my scrubbier brushes lately. I haven't really reached for a soft silvertip or synthetic brush since before Thanksgiving.

I might have to have a shave with some setup that I can picture myself using in the dog days of summer tomorrow and see what happens now.

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