I hard to save Toggles, Slims, and FatBoy.

I'd like to buy more low-priced razors with the plating off. Does anyone know the seller or the price?

[Image: OvVyieA.jpg]
You have to watch ebay, Facebook group, Wet Shaving Enablers is another good source. Prices vary according to the item and the seller. The item must be judged according to the merits.

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I would also suggest checking Ebay's completed sales option on a query for these razors to get an idea what the current market value range is.

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When you look up prices on Ebay do be sure to check the sold and completed options so you see the items that have actually sold and not the ones people have for sale. An item is generally worth what others are paying for it, not always what someone happens to be asking.

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