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Pretty straightforward question, I know synthetics dry quickly but can you leave them standing up to dry or should you hang them upside down to dry as well like any badger/boar/horse brush?


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I don't hang any of my brushes upside down and never had a problem. Shake, towel dry, leave in the open and let nature take its course

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Capillary action. No brush needs to hang upside down as long as you shake/squeeze/brush most of the water out.

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I hung my brushes when I started, but as Brian wrote, capillary action is the overriding factor even over gravity. Do as he wrote and then set them on the handle with the knot facing the sky; all brushes, not only synthetics. The key is to use capillary action to draw water out of the brush first. I also wrist flick it to make sure then dry it on my shave towel again (as per Miles).

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Like others, I've never turned my brushes upside down t dry. Each brush get used once a week or less, so if you take care of it and let it dry, no problem exists.

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I think Lee of WSP did an unscientific test to see if hanging a brush would cause it to dry more than simply putting the brush on the shelf. if I recall correctly, he didn't notice any differences in terms of the weight of the brushes after letting them dry. If I can find the thread, I'll post it.

I only use a brush stand because I have one. If I didn't have one, I'd just put the brush on the shelf after I shook it out and ran it lightly over a towel.
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I turned my bathroom window sill in my bathroom into my brush shelf. Like most have said, just squeeze them out (just don't pull on the knot while you squeeze), shake them out well, quick rub on a towel and then set them on the handle to dry.
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I always thought it made sense to hang any wooden handled brushes upside down for a spell after shaving. I don't think as long as you have dried the excess water off and gave your brush a good shake that temporary dampness should have any appreciable effect on the knot but water collecting at the bottom of the knot in a wooden handled brush will eventually cause the wood to degrade in my opinion.

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I have some of my brushes on stands and some sitting on the base of their handles. I get the excess water out, as suggested above by several folks, and have seen no appreciable difference. The only time a stand would be necessary would be if the handle does not have a reasonably wide and flat bottom. Other than that, I think it comes down to one's preference as far as display look goes in the den.

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No. Shake well, towel dry while I let my alum sit a little while and then back on the shelf upright.

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