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I purchased a rose gold Baili tech clone. It is beautiful and provides smooth shaves, no matter what blade I use. It is a mild razor and can be used as a daily driver. It is an excellent razor for a new traditional wet shaver who is transitioning from cartridges.

I have never used a "real" Gillette Tech vintage razor, which many users and collectors swear is the greatest. I have heard that the BBS-1 and Feather AS-D2 have similar dimensional architecture, based on the vintage Gillette Tech. If that is true, I suspect there is something to all the fuss.

Question: For those of you who have shaved with both the vintage Gillette Tech and a newer Tech Clone razor...
Can you tell the difference, and if so, what are the differences in the shave? Is one really that much better? Could you tell if shaving blindfolded?
Forget build quality, politics, price, sentimental attachment, USA vs China, etc. I am only asking about the shave.

Question: Has there ever been a technical study which compares the Chinese versions to the original Gillette's "dimensionally"? Materials are important, but dimensions are more important.

I am relatively new to this shaving world (2 years), and have a lot to learn.

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The Gillette Tech has been around for a long time and has gone through many changes, some which slightly changes the shave characteristics. Baili came out with two Tech clones. The earlier one with the very thin cap shaves closer to the original triangle slot Tech - slightly on the aggressive side, but very efficient. Their current offering, which is sold as a RR DE1/Teck II is closer to the later Techs. It is much milder but will give a good shave with patience. I actually prefer the Baili design only because they use what they call a "microcomb", which actually works quite well and adds to the comfort of the shave.

Personally in a totally blind test, I couldn't tell the difference between the later Tech and the later Baili and I really wouldn't care. They are both very good razors.

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Clone means a copy, with different geometry and covered blade tabs the upgraded Baili/RR Teck II/DE1 is not therefore a clone but a razor that stands on its own. With a good handle I prefer it to my Techs. It does take attention to angle to get the best from it.

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