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Fully Functional w/ Slight Imperfections.

[Image: ziuK06B.jpg]

BOOOOOM, Has there ever been a more relatable product up for offer I ask? Sorry folks, this heat is clearly going to my brain...let me start again please. 
As always, when dealing with ceramics, you end up with a few that are scratched, dinged, slight glaze imperfections, misshapen spouts, etc. No cracks or real damage that would prevent one from getting a most epic shave. Purely cosmetic, and as men, cosmetics mean very little to us. In fact, whenever we even hear that word we dismiss it immediately. I mean, obviously it is not us being spoken to. Right?--only now it is so pay attention. Plus, you can save some cash.

Soothing lather AND savings = WIN.

Just like us (and snowflakes. Note: not those snowflakes, but snowflake snowflakes), each is unique with a whole lot of character. And just like their Grade A counterparts each Include a real, solid cork cork. (can I say that?) 

Grab one of these lather building machines before they are gone @ a steal of a price! Shave On & Stay Groovy!

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