Selling my Discommon Carbon Fiber 6/8 straight

Milled carbon billet (Aerospace grade)

Rare, only 10 produced.

Z-FiNit nitrogen steel blade.  Hand ground by Joseph Bowen.  Blade has a "dual concave grind" that supposedly has enough concavity to allow traditional honing (though I've never tried)

Razor has literally 4 shaves on it following its original hone by Eric Engle.  The spike-point just doesn't agree with me and I feel like I would never actually hone it myself, but rather always need to send it out for fear of damaging an otherwise gorgeous piece of steel.

Retail $1,200 

Selling for $650 CONUS

PM if interested, and please don't tell my wife how much I spent/lost on this thing.
[Image: cKSeqip.jpg][Image: i7OJGPO.jpg][Image: NrK5cuv.jpg][Image: RMaY9Fu.jpg][Image: ckQ10U5.jpg]

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