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I LOVE this thing!  It was my Christmas present to myself this past winter and it took the full 6 weeks for it to be handmade and arrive!  But the maker, Julie, did an amazing job on it and it was far more than worth the wait time.  I do enjoying showing it off, as you can see :Tongue as, for me, it's the center piece for my shaving collection.  To me it was worth the extra $5 for the webbed ridges.  It helps makes a nice rich lather and the outer bowl that holds the water holds an impressive 30 .oz of water, easily enough to keep lather warm through multiple passes.  She was also kind enough to agree to my request for a different glaze than what is offered on her sight, as this matches my den better :Smile She was fast on replies for questions and getting shipping info, so top notch service!  I think her items are reasonably priced for being handmade and, to me, if you're looking for a scuttle and want to spoil yourself, you should check DirtyBird out Big Grin
[Image: WL937eB.jpg]
[Image: rB2FFcn.jpg]
[Image: 0R2Qs29.jpg]

P.S. Obviously I'm not  associated with DirtyBird in anyway, I just wanted to express my enjoyment/love of this scuttle and wished to share my experience with it Smile


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I have one of her bill bowls, and I also love it. I love supporting a home grown craftsman as well.

Not the best picture of it.

[Image: 10468667_10205271597650640_6696260989876...e=565BACCF]
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I have a brush scuttle of hers. Very nice quality. Not cheep but it's hand made and, as mentioned, good quality

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Julie is a real artist. I just sold my DB 1.5. Couldn't justify it simply sitting unused on my shelf. I hope the new owner will get some mileage out if it.
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I agree that they are very nice scuttles, extremely well made. But I sold my 1.5 also (as well as a Schwarzweisskeramik), mainly because I decided to just use my Georgetown Pottery scuttles, which have a somewhat smaller "footprint" on the bathroom counter but hold heat for the lather quite adequately.
I received my 1.5 a couple of years ago as a special order gift, and wouldn't part with it.
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