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Recently I purchased a Weber PH razor. I am enjoying it quite a bit. As far as I know there were 3 different types of Weber razors : ARC, PH and DLC.

My question: is there any difference in head geometry and the resulting shaves between these 3?
Was there intended to be a difference...no.
I have all three and my face prefers the feel of one over the other two. So subjectively, there is a difference.
The polishing process in the PH Weber removes trace amounts of metal while the coating process in both ARC/DLC heads adds material. Both would subtly alter the geometry if the same head were used as the starting point for all three.
Just my opinion...

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No difference in head design, whatsoever.
DLC = black coating has the most drag of the three, but smoothest shaver, FOR ME.
ARC = coating causes some drag and the shave is similar to the DLC, but not quite as smooth, FOR ME.
These two are not quite as efficient as the PH.
PH = most 'aggressive' of the three with no drag seeing as it is polished where the head contacts the skin; very good shaver, but I still find the above two 'smoother'.

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By the way, speaking of Weber head geometry, there’s also the “wavy blade” issue to take into account.

Maybe each case is a little different. I had had my Weber DLC for about four years before I even heard about the “wavy blade” issue, and wouldn’t you know it — my razor seems to exhibit it to some degree. However, it has never bothered me, and I enjoy the way my DLC shaves.

For a long time, I thought we’d never see a $50 steel razor again. RazoRock has now done it, but I do wish new Webers were still being made, as well.

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