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My wife gave me a Merkur travel set for Christmas. It was not the smaller one I was expecting.

[Image: 5u9B63S.jpg]

Comes with a shave head, 2 piece handle and blades.
[Image: WjGY3jv.jpg]

[Image: gl4W4GJ.jpg]

Once assembled it forms a full size razor. Very nice. I like it.
[Image: lwPZx7f.jpg]


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Very nice, indeed! That is a great looking handle for a travel razor.

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Very cool! Smile Let us know how it works!

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Very nice traveler. The handle is pretty cool indeed. Enjoy it.

Well I have a week of using this razor under my belt.

The razor once assembled is almost but not quite full size. Here it is compared to a Gillette Travel Tech, The Merkur Travel Razor and an Edwin Jagger Rose Gold E89 razor.
[Image: bb3cMmg.jpg]

While the handle has no knurling the matte finish is surprisingly grippy. I had no trouble with slippage.

I first used the razor with the supplied Merkur blade. Early in my shaving journey I used one Merkur blade once. And never again. It was not pleasant.
I was surprised this time. The blade was fair. No tugging nor cuts but I had to work to get a DFS.

The second time I used the razor I replaced the Merkur blade with a Feather. Ahhhh... much better. I got a BBS with no additional effort.

I used Feathers for the rest of the week. Every day I received a great shave. The razor is definitely top heavy but I did not fine this to be an issue at all.

I am very pleased with this razor. While intended as a travel razor I will keep it in my rotation.


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Great reading your impressions. I had hoped to not buy any more razors this year,but now your review has triggered my barely dormant RAD!


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Nice review, Phil. From what you have told us and shown us, it is the handle on the razor that impresses me most.

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