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Or should that be dessert island (groans at bad pun).

So, what are the five pieces of kitchen equipment that you just can't miss from your kitchen? (I am taking it as read that a cooking appliance is indispensable Tongue  )

These are my top 5:

Tefal self sharpening knife This is the knife that nearly bankrupted Tefal. It's over 20 years old now and still as super sharp as the day I bought it - fantastic for slicing / chopping. It's my #1 thing, and they don't make them anymore.

My speed peeler. Perfect for peeling veg and you can use it for making ribbons of cucumber/carrot/courgette etc for salads

My big fry pan. Its a heavy duty none stick pan with a heat resistant metal handle, so I can put it in the oven after starting off a dish on the stove top.

My wood chopping board I got this from my grandma, its huge and sturdy and is probably going to outlive me too. I never serve on it (a la Jamie Oliver) and I take good care of it.

My food processor. I use it for so many things, and as it is in a permanent place on my counter its really easy to use.

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These are the things I would replace tomorrow if they pooped themselves. Listed in no particular order.

Vita-Mix - it's much more than a blender and ours gets used hard.

Ankarsrum Assistent (not misspelled) - It's a mixer, but it also takes the place of our hard to clean food processor. I haven't used the FP since getting it 2 years ago. It's an appliance that works, and really excels at the things that it does. Of course it must have the attachments.

Cast iron cookware.

Sous Vide circulator

Primo ceramic kamado (outside kitchen)
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Well if you can list cast iron cookware and a high end outdoor kitchen as 2 items, I can narrow my top 5 down to one item and say a fully stocked professional chef's kitchen. Smile

BTW cast iron rules.

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Not really playing the game unless you HAVE a fully stocked professional kitchen that you have learned not to live without. Tongue

Central Maine
Actually the outside kitchen isn't a "kitchen" it's just a table and the kamado.

I could narrow the CI cookware down. I didn't mean the full set. I'd probably take only the 8" pan but I wouldn't be happy about it.

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Brian. Lover of SE razors. Maker of Krampert's Finest Products.

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