Hey guys,

As one of my first posts here I thought I would point out a new soap I have just ordered, the reason being is that the scent description sounds incredible. I have added the description from the site for your reading. I think those who ride motorcycles will like this one!

From the site:

"Our ‘Rockers’ shaving soap can be described as sweet and dirty.  The scent contains notes of Raspberry, Lemon, Tanned Leather, Fresh Muddy Dirt, Moist Mossy Notes, Tahitian Vanilla and Tropical Flowers.  Certainly a strange combination, but it blends oh so well!  The primary note you notice when opening the jar is Raspberry and Lemon, but after a few moments, the Leather and Dirt come through, not too strongly but just enough get your attention.  Rockers is a scent that is meant to bring out your wild side.  The scent of Leather and Dirt pay homage to the bikers of the 60’s while the Raspberry, Lemon and Vanilla lend a softer note to the soap.  This scent evokes thoughts of kick starting your vintage Triton motorcycle, putting on your goggles and giving the throttle a confident twist.  The smell of your leather jacket and the sound of your roaring exhaust fills your senses.  Rockers shaving soap was inspired by Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather cologne."

This soap is one of DeLuxes first Tallow soaps and comes with a friend 'Mods'. You can buy the two together at a discount, win win.

Check out this awesome shot!

[Image: QSUm273.jpg]

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Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.
Nicely presented.
(I think I know who No.1 is!)

Austin, TX
Very much looking to your thoughts when it comes in. I like the sound of a number of Deluxe soaps but have not purchased yet. Will be nice to have a "trusted advisor" try it out.

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[Image: 1f21c13cf81f2a154df380debcb8bdc1.jpg]

Fantástic Soaps, Rockers are wonderful scent, Rapsberry, Leather...

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Thanks Kevin I will let you know my thoughts.

Ronindug, that's for the pic the soaps look great. Have you had a chance to shave with them yet? Raspberry and Leather sounds amazing!
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.
I haven't seen the scent description for this soap but Anthony from Deluxe has just released the name of his third grey logo soap as - LUCKY 13 - I am really loving the designs and promotional pictures for these soaps, obviously hitting the spot with what I like. The soap description hasn't been released but it's said to be dark and mysterious! - maybe this could be a rival to Barrister and Mann Hallows.

[Image: 1y5fSnu.jpg]

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Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.
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(10-02-2015, 10:07 PM)ronindug Wrote: [Image: 1f21c13cf81f2a154df380debcb8bdc1.jpg]

Fantástic Soaps,  Rockers are wonderful scent, Rapsberry, Leather...

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Hello my friend.

Glad to see that the soaps made the trip to Europe!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on their performance.


For anyone interested in following our progress, I posted the scent profile for Lucky 13 in our Artisan page. Here is a copy for convenience:

Lucky 13 is mysterious, dark and mystic, a perfect blend for the cool autumn and winter weather.

We took the warm notes of amber, incense and vanilla then blended them with a touch of patchouli. The floral notes of rose, jasmine and lilac lighten the scent while the aromatic notes of blood orange and grapefruit were used to add a hint of sweetness to our latest offering in the Grey Logo soap lineup.

Coming Oct 13.

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Don't worry Anthony, the Soaps have a magnificent appearance and scent,
At the moment, I will try, I will give my honest opinion,here.
But the scent of Rockers, I liked it from the moment I opened the tin.

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Hi friends,

Rockers is, ubdoubtedly a magnificent soap. With high perfomance, dense and creamy foam.
A rich smell of raspberry and Fine Leather, which remains throughout all the shave.
Congratulations Anthony, for this great Work.

(excuse me for my English, I use translator)

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Ronindug, thanks for the update, soap sounds awesome. Feel free to let us know about Mods too. I am very much looking forward to mine arriving.

Maybe a few others will post when they get the soap.

Your English is better than mine,
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

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