I was the fortunate winner of a recent giveaway from the WSN Podcast (Thanks Andrew!), where I won a tub of this new shaving cream.  I had a chance to try it this morning and wanted to share my impressions, as I cannot recommend it highly enough.

On opening the tub, the bergamot scent is very prominent, backed up with some nice subtle orange and a hint of menthol.  Its a great scent - perhaps a little less complex than B&M Cheshire (one of my favorite soaps), but similar and every bit as appealing.  The scent is quite robust, about an 8/10 on the TSE scale to my nose.

I was surprised by the texture and consistency.  While it is identified as a cream, it has a much firmer consistency than something like TOBS, much closer to a soap like B&M.  I generally prefer soaps to creams, but for all practical purposes, this seems more like a medium soft soap.

On loading, the scent blooms beautifully, filling the room.  The soap  cream lathers very easily, and getting the right consistency took very little effort.

The slickness, cushion and glide are all first rate, and the cooling sensation from the menthol is spectacular.  This was my first experience with menthol in a soap or cream, so I have no benchmark to compare it to, but I will say I loved the sensation.  The cooling sensation is quite pronounced, not at all uncomfortable, but definitely more than I had expected.  It really added a great dimension to the shave and is something I'm looking forward to experiencing again.

Post shave feel was amazing.  The residual sensation from the menthol, along with the moisturizing feel of the soap left my face feeling fantastic.

I'm very happy to have had a chance to try this cream.  With so many great products out there, I could have easily overlooked this one, but I have a feeling it will be high in my rotation for some time.  My only downside was that I didn't have a complimentary aftershave to use with it.  Guess I need to look into picking up some of their balm as well!  Overall, an excellent product that I would highly recommend.

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Philadelphia, PA
thanks for the review.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Hi KellyS,

Congratulations on the win and thanks for taking the time to write a review of Cool Daddy-O. I'm glad you liked it!.

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