Company: Deluxe Shaving Co.

Product: Deluxe Shaving Cream
Founder:   Anthony 
Location: Woodbridge, Ontario

Don’t call it a cream

I’ll start off with a little background about the founder. Anthony is an avid cyclist and has been since he was a teenager. He loves to work on vintage cars and is fascinated with mechanical watches and fountain pens, the older the better. 
Anthony wanting to take his wet shaving hobby to the next level, so he decided to open a small business dedicated primarily to selling artisan shaving creams and soaps. DeLuxe Shaving Company was born.  The company was founded in early 2014 and it took him almost 1 year from the time he started the company to the time of the grand opening.
Anthony sent me nine samples. I normally start off with a description of the packaging but this time I’ll take my information from the website because I don’t have the full size tubs. The description reads 5oz plastic tub with a screw on top. That being said the sample sizes are a little small but a little goes a long way with Deluxe. 

Let’s get into the nine scents:

Doo-Wop Barber Shop Citrus
Lime-Forest Lime Thyme Juniper
WoodBridge Lavender Oakmosss Cedarwood
Cool Daddy-O Bergamont, Sweet Orange, Menthal
Soul Man Orange Eourbon Vanilla
Midnight Garden Geranium Ylang Ylang Orange Neroli Vetiver
Rosemary Woods Lavender Rosemary Cedarwood
Tobacco Road   Tobacco, Vanilla
Blue Moon BlueTansy, Rose, Orange Blossom and Marjoram

I asked Anthony how did he create the scents. I worked very closely with my soap maker to decide on the scents.  It all started with me providing him with a description of the type of scents I was looking for.  He then prepared several variations of each scent for me to try.  This took quite a while, as we had to ship samples across the border.  Several of the scents came out great and some just didn't make the cut.  Sometimes a scent could sound great on paper but not turn out so great when put into soap.  This went on for months until I finally decided on the nine, which make up our current product line._ 

I’m having a hard time calling this a cream.  This is nothing like any shaving cream I’ve tested before so I asked Anthony about this. Our product is in between a cream and soap.  When I think of a shaving cream, I think of Castle Forbes or Proraso in a tube.  When I think of a soap, I think of a hard puck like Penhaligons Sartorial.  In the end I think "Croap" is the correct term for our product.

My testing was done using four of the nine samples. On all tests my Zen Shave and Nathan Clark custom brushes were used along with my Mongoose Razor. The four scents I used were Do-Wop, Soul Man, Woodbridge and Cool Daddy-O. The scents are fantastic. On the scent scale I would rate them about 4 to 5 when lathering. Loading your brush is not a problem for Deluxe. You just need a little to create a very rich creamy lather. The slickness and glide was present thru out the entire shave and you also get and nice post shave feel as well. The big surprise for me was Cool-Daddy-O they describe it as follows a citrus aroma of Bergamot and blended it with a hint of sweet orange, then we added a cool blast of menthol. For those of you who are menthol heads you MUST try this, WOW!!  All the creams performed great but I do have my favorites they are 
Cool Daddy-O, Do-Wop, Woodbridge, Soul Man, Lime Forest and Midnight Garden.

As you can tell a had a great time testing Deluxe Shaving Creams. I would highly recommend them. My shaves I would describe as the ones we all look for.I asked Anthony if he was going to bring out any aftershaves and he’s waiting to see which scents turn out to be the most popular. I also asked him about future products. Well, you'll just have to wait and see, but I can give you a hint.....I'm working on a project that has something to do with the 60's and a subculture. That's just one of many ideas I have floating around in my head!

Deluxe Shaving Co.
Deluxe Shaving Cream 5oz $19.72

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