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So I have come to lose my patience with face lathering CB, and the constant wiping and smearing to keep the awesome lather IN the jar rather than outside of the rim, where even my tulip shaped brush finds a way to scrape itself clean during load time. I am seriously thinking about digging out the soap and putting it in a tall sided container to keep the soap where it belongs. CB, being a semi-soft soap, almost-croap suggests it should be a fairly simple process to transfer it over. I have managed this with Cella brick soap, IB MF, and even half a dozen of Stirling soaps. But those were slightly lower cost soaps than CB, and I dont want to realize I got in over my head halfway through the chore with the pricier CB.

Anybody out there in DFS land transplanted a jar of CB to another container, or am I a pioneer?
I think you will be fine but I haven't transferred Catie's. A soap is a soap, and if you're not even heating it up like some harder soaps have to be to fit in mugs, there is no risk of hurting it at all. It may not look as pretty if it doesn't come out easy, but I doubt that will be a problem either. I use Catie's Bubbles too, and know what you mean about lather getting all over the sides but it doesn't bother me. I always wash all of my soaps off anyway after loading. I run water on the outside of the container if necessary to get suds off the sides, and then I run a little bit on top of the soap and wash off the lather on top so that my soaps are always clean looking.

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I too have done the inverted rinse but hate rinsing good soap down the drain unless it has served in battle.

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I don't know about re-potting CB soap, but if you're trying to put a larger puck into a smaller mug/bowl , rather than heating/melting the soap, which I think can harm the aromatics, what I do is use a tiny box grater that I think may have been intended for grating nutmeg or something like that, and I shave down the puck to fit and then just press the shavings into the mug on top of the puck. Problem solved.
Right now Leisure Guy is commenting on those who prefer a lot of head space in their soap jars for lathering. He thinks they need to improve their lathering technique and start with less water in the brush and add small amounts as you go. I personally take no position on the subject but am passing on his views. Good luck with the repotting.
I dont have any glycerin based soaps so I dont use heat. Just a butter knife and press with my thumb (if it isnt too moist or tacky). I only grate soaps every other yr or so, thats all my remnants that I saved for the clown barf head shave soap mix.

LG may be correct, but I find it tedious and hate the multiple trips back and forth, especially when the soap is the same level as the top of the jar. But I sleep better at night knowing Chris gave me my money's worth.
Should be about as straightforward as you think it will be. Just do it. Smile

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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

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(12-05-2015, 06:34 AM)SharpSpine Wrote: Should be about as straightforward as you think it will be. Just do it. Smile

Brian has a good point. Sometimes we just have to take those chances and, in this case, it should work. If, for some reason, it doesn't then you will have added to your body of shaving knowledge.

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Yeah, this should be no trouble. Just use a stiff spoon or something and scoop some out. I'd just put it in a Tupperware or other air-tight container and move it back over once the part you leave in the jar is done with.

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