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We went to the Deerfield Fair today, the largest agricultural fair in NH. We get there at 8 when the gates open.
The weather was perfecr fair weather - sunny, breezey and 65°F.

I like the equipment displays.
[Image: h6GMhra.jpg]

There was lots of activity at the cow barns. This is a cow washing station as the owners prep them for whatever showing they are entered in.
[Image: VnxMzeV.jpg]

After a refreshing shower a trim is in order. Lying in the sawdust is a hair dyer and curling irons.
[Image: oWt45GQ.jpg]

I like the pulling oxen. The original tractors!! This pair is 7 months old.
[Image: V3rRqMZ.jpg]

These are the youngings in the judging tent. They must walk in a circle, then a figure 8 and finally back up.  The best do it on voice commands alone.
[Image: WJcW8Ji.jpg]

This is one of the bigger teams. The owner gave a stay command and left. They stayed. He came back to walk them into the ring. He held his switch up and the oxen just followed. They were exceptionally well trained.
[Image: YcstKeD.jpg]

A fair is never complete without fair food.
ML and Alice enjoy a funnel cake.
[Image: W8Xx80i.jpg]

While I had a whoopi pie
[Image: g1hFaNd.jpg]

There was entertainment,
[Image: 8MUU2HG.jpg]

the official Pace car from NH Motor Speedway a nascar track,
[Image: MCWR3wA.jpg]

and Pirate Dan - a stout vessel playing rousing classical music and blasting  bubble cannons went it left. Though they are hard to see in the second pic.
[Image: zfyHHb8.jpg]
[Image: dEFM1xs.jpg]

Something for every one!

We had a lovely time.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Love fairs. Thanks for your photos.

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Southern Ohio
Looks like a fun time and nice weather - always a plus.

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Central Maine
I got a good laugh at Pirate Dan! Looks like it was a good time!

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Brian. Lover of SE razors.

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