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I shaved using Declaration Grooming's B Cubed soap this morning.  This is a recent release in DG's Milk Steak base which is excellent.  The name B Cubed is a play on the Declaration Grooming - Chatillon Lux collaboration (2017) soap and splash, Blackberry Blossom Bay which was a scent created by Shawn Maher of Chatillon Lux a year or two before for us here at DFS which Shawn released in a limited edition in his aftershave. toner, and salve.  

Scott indicated on his Instagram feed that the scent for B Cubed was created again by Shawn Maher (Chatillon Lux), however, it represented an evolution of the inspiration, Blackberry Blossom Bay rather than a replication of the original fragrance.  For fans of BBB this obviously created both excitement and concern - excitement that our beloved BBB was returning in some form but concern that it may have evolved too much or in a direction we might not care for.  Well, in my opinion it has evolved far enough from the inspiration to justify having its own name, B Cubed but remains connected enough to its origins to retain a connection (B Cubed is BxBxB=BBB) to the name Blackberry Blossom Bay.  Well done Shawn and well executed Scott Happy2

I find B Cubed to be a really nice scent in its own right, a little more refined than Blackberry Blossom Bay perhaps, with a slightly muted bay scent and a little more emphasis on the blackberry blossom.  At least that's how my unrefined nose perceives it.  I don't know if Scott intends this to be a LE or if it will find a regular place in his line up....and it also leaves open the possibility of a limited release of the original Blackberry Blossom Bay in the future right?  Probably a long shot but never say never.

And in case you haven't tried Declaration Grooming's Milk Steak base yet, its one heck of a soap base and I highly recommend that you try it.  Happy2

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