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Time to see some of those holiday goodies. Big Grin

Barbaros TR-2
Blackland Vector
BBS - 1
Paradigm SE
Blenheim Bouquet AS
4 Myrsols

[Image: fdYgUrY.jpg]

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These two beautiful Paladins arrived yesterday. Along with a DE and SE blade dryer from Frugal Shave.
[Image: 54490368fd6961ba3fb8be6d1179d684.jpg]

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Colorado Springs
Mega Stirling haul! I gave everything a test sniff and it all smells great, even Bonaparte.
[Image: 651befb0a2f6b77114459c54352f16f9.jpg]

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Smile[Image: 1e3ddcc32ba33e102ad800bbf142abd7.jpg]

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[Image: n4ShXFQ.jpg][Image: hbaq8Sc.jpg][Image: QkXrXwy.jpg]
WR1 Early model. Does anyone know what timeframe these WR1's were made without the logo or lettering?

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