I have a few ornamental decanters of Old Spice. They contain vintage aftershave that I use. I think it smells better than the P&G current versions.

This ship's wheel decanter is unwieldy to use. Plus I broke of one of the spokes removing it from my shave closet. I wanted to transfer it to a modern bottle. The Old Spice bottles have the small orifice designed for releasing a controlled amount. You can't actually pour out the contents. I did not have a funnel small enough to fit. My wife suggested using the syringe barrel as a funnel. Smart lady.
[Image: exY2DiN.jpg]

It fit perfectly.
[Image: nyT4aEJ.jpg]

Then the good old stuff was easily dribbled into the funnel to fill the modern bottle.
[Image: vGISfq9.jpg]

Now I have an easy to hold and easy to use modern bottle filled with vintage Old Spice.
Life is good.


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Great idea!
I may use that idea to decant A/S into my Old Spice bottle. I've thought of doing something like this for a while, but haven't got around to it yet.
- Yohann

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