Is there and DE razors out that give audible feed back like you hear with a straight razor?
First generation Charcoal Goods razor heads are very loud.

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Why do you need audible feedback? I don't need to hear my tires in order to drive. The proof is in the pudding, i.e., the resultant shave.

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+1 on Charcoal Goods Gen 1 baseplates....

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+2 on Charcoal Goods generation 1 base plates

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+3 on Charcoal Goods gen1 baseplate

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Merkur Furtur is super loud.
PAA Prismatic. Cheap and affordable also.

Charcoal Goods, Carbon CX, and the PAA Prismatic come to mind as being pretty loud, but I don't understand the appeal. Razors like that feel less smooth to me for some reason. GEMs give a lot of audible feedback as well if you're interested in SEs.

PAA Prismatic. It is my loudest razor. It sings to me while I shave.

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